Burger King Fed Me Today

Burger King madness!! Whopper Junior for lunch ;) good meal! But expensive :(

Burger + Fries + Sundae + Coke

Here We Go Again

Oh gosh. It's been a while. This is my first blog for 2010! It makes me sad. My first post said I would be blogging daily :( Sorry. It's been crazy. I'm a freshie in college. College is crazy.

Anyway, I will get this site up and running again. :)

I will do my best haha! Happy Summer everyone!

Hello, December!

Wow! My favorite time of year has arrived! Well, almost. 24 more days to go and it's Christmas time once again! Time for family fun, mouthwatering food and PRESENTS! hahaha! Just kidding :) But yes, gifts make me happy. (Note: Hidden meaning--give me presents)

I haven't blogged in one month. I honestly did not notice November pass. It literally flew bye bye. Or maybe I was just too busy with school? Or too eager for December to arrive that I blocked out November and kept my eyes on the last month of the year? Hmm.. Whatever the reason is, it does not change the fact that I am super excited and giddy! Why? COZ IT'S DECEMBER! No more other reasons needed!

I love Christmas. <3 Christmas is LOVE. Other people start feeling Christmas whenever the "-BER" months start, but Christmas never leaves my spirit. I will forever and always be a part of me.

Yes, other people may think that I overreact when it comes to Christmas...but I have a thing for this holiday, you see. Christmas has always been a jolly time for me. The atmosphere is definitely more cheerful! Christmas lights in every inch corner..Christmas songs blowing out of speakers, mostly in malls..Good food. Children in the streets practicing for their Christmas carols...People greeting each other with a smile and a jolly "Merry Christmas!".. what else to you need to be merry?

I'm also thrilled to spend Christmas in Zamboanga this year, 'coz I've been away most of the year so it's gonna be a different experience when I get home. But I most definitely think that it's NOT going to be less any fun.

Also, I am trying to come up with a new "Greeting Image". I started doing this last year. I e-mailed this simple greeting to my friends and family members. I also posted it on my Multiply site and most of my friends' Friendster account (Friendster was SOOOO last year). hahaha!

Here was my Greeting Image from last year. It's nothing big, but I find it cute and very Christmas-y. I did not take the photo or wrote the verse, no credits to me. But I did the editing for the letters, so that's something to be credited for, I guess.

I hope I can come up with another one soon enough! Hello, December! :D

What's my schedule for this week?

So..what do I have in store for me this week? Let me show you. I took screenshots from my phone. Lovely feature. :)






And...my favorite..

I'm going home :) What a week!

P.S. Please. May I pass all the subjects. Amen.

Goodbye, Softball!

Softball wasn't my first choice for P.E. I wanted to try arnis, but unfortunately, no slots were available. So I ended up with softball. I'm glad I did. 'Coz I had so much fun these past few months. Luckily, my blockmate Louise also happened to choose the same P.E. as I did. So I immediately had friends. On the first day, we were grouped into four teams. Old Rose, Yellow, Orange and Blue.

TEAM BLUE. Yeah, that's my team. We're not the best team. We don't play as well as the other teams, but we're happy and jolly as them all combined together. We cheered the loudest and laughed the hardest. We didn't care about winning. We just wanted to have fun. Coach Alden didn't mind our noise. I think he was even entertained!

Honestly, it took me a couple of weeks to remember all their names. We just called each other by our class number--the number imprinted on our softball caps. Or the nicknames we gave each other. Like "Condensada", "Leader", etc.

All smiles after a game. I think we actually won that one! :))

Our last meeting for Women Softball was last Thursday. Sadly, we had our written exam. I got a fairly good score, considering I didn't study much. I just browsed the handouts minutes before the test. :)) It was also the first time I saw my PE-mates out of their PE uniforms. I was wearing our college uniform and my eyeglasses. Rica, my teammate, said "Wow! You look like a genius!" Hahaha!

After the exam, we said our "See you around"s (not goodbyes coz we're from the same school!). We took photos. Here are some:

Now, we may not be PE-mates anymore. But we are friends (on YM and Facebook also hahaha)! I'm gonna miss you, girls! And Sir Alden. HAHAHA


Everything will be all right again.
Things get better, through whatever.
The heart can beat the hate.
Don't give up.
Through it all, just stand up.

What is CANCER?

According to Mr. Encarta, Cancer is a malignant tumor or growth caused when cells multiply and destroying the healthy tissue.

Most of the time it kills the person who is affected. But the person who is sick is not the only one suffering. It also kills the patient's family, friends--anyone who cares about the person. Mind you, I haven't had family members or friends with cancer, but I know the feeling when you worry and care for someone too much. For instance, even if a family member or even a close friend is sick, you can't help but worry and pray that everything will be fine. So just imagine, what about those who know that their friend or relative is suffering from cancer? The fact that you know how deadly cancer is, is already painful.

I have a thing for cancer. 'Coz it's hitting a flock of birds with one stone. Once a person is suffering from cancer, everyone else who is close to that person will be in pain too. The thought of that makes my heart melt.

One afternoon, a group of higher BS Psychology students knocked on our classroom door. They were selling ballers or rubber wristbands. In turns out, that they have a friend over at DLSU-CSB who is currently having his chemotherapy treatment. His name is Iggy. And he has leukemia. His friends at UST were selling these iCANCERvive ballers in order to raise money, and help Iggy's family with the medical expenses.

The ballers come in different colors--9 or 12 colors I think. I don't remember. I immediately wrote my name on the order slip. I got 3 ballers with 3 different colors. Each color represents a type of cancer. I got RED--Cancer Prevention, PURPLE--CANCER IN GENERAL and YELLOW--CANCER FOR KIDS. Now, almost everyone in our class owns an iCANCERvive baller. We don't bother wearing it. It's for a noble cause--plus, it's super cute!

The gesture may not seem big. We may not contribute much (ballers are sold at 60 pesos each), but at least we helped. As the saying goes, you can't have 100 pesos without 1 peso, right? Every single penny counts. This is not just for Iggy.

The baller symbolizes HOPE. Hope for everyone who has cancer. Hope for those who know someone suffering from this illness. It's not too late. With one simple gesture, you may save millions. Never lose hope.

Oh, this is an inspiring song. I know most of you have heard this already, still, it is an amazing song.

JUST STAND UP -- CLICK FOR VIDEO (I couldn't get the embedded codes. Boo YouTube once more.)


Weekend with Diko!!

In fairy tales, the princesses have their fairy godmothers. In my life, I have Diko. HAHAHA!

Most of the time, people mistaken my Diko as my mother. Since she's the one who used to pick me up from school after work, and I'm usually seen around town with her. No, she's not my mom...but I treat her like my own mom. I'm her anak-anakan. Hehehe. I'm a Diko's girl. Spoiled--very spoiled. I get everything I want if Diko's around! Sadly, when I left Zamboanga months ago, I only said my farewell over the phone. I expected her to drop by the airport to say "Goodbye" or rather "See you soon!". But she didn't. When I hung up the phone, I bawled again. And I was on my way to the airport!

Anyway, she called me last Tuesday and asked if I knew how to get to SM Megamall from where I'm at (which is just beside UST--FAR from Mega.) She just asked then hung up afterward. Smelling something fishy, I called my Mom and asked about Diko's whereabouts. Aha! She was in Manila for a training. Apparently, she just got promoted and will be here for a month due to training. :) So I called Diko again.

Me: Diko, porque to ta prigunta if sabe yo anda Megamall solo solo? (Why'd you ask if I knew how to get to Megamall by myself?)

Diko: Tiene kosa dale kuntigo si Auntie Jayne (her close friend who is based here in Manila).(Auntie Jayne has something to give you.)

Me: Ahhhh. Ok. Onde tu? (Ahhh. Ok. Where are you?)

Diko: Taki na Mindpro (mall in Zamboanga). Porque? (In Mindpro. Why?)
Me: Mindpro? Hindi ansina de aboroto el Mindpro nuh. Onde tu?? (Mindpro? Mindpro isn't that noisy nuh. Where are you?)

Diko: Mindpro gane. (Mindpro nga.)

Me: Heh! Abla si Mama taki tu na Manila! So..cuando kita man mirahan? (Heh! Mama said you're here in Manila! So, when are we going to meet up?)

My heart leaped a mile when I saw her again! Diko's heeeerreee!!We met at Uncle Dong's new resto at Greenhills, and ate lunch there--with Uncle Dong of course.

After a supernova heavy lunch, we headed to the Greenhills tiangge! And did some shopping. Hehehe. Yes, I get everything I want when Diko is around.

Taxi: Going to Greenhills

Headed to Robinsons Galleria where Diko bought around 3 pairs of shoes HAHA

Super expensive doll Shobe wants for her birthday O_o It's worth more than my one month's allowance! It poops and pees. Okay.

The cause of my tonsilitis.. avocado ice cream @ Art's Cream House

Me being vain and Diko being shy. EHEM.

We then went back to Malayan Plaza--Diko's new home for the month. Dropped off the shopping bags then headed to Megamall, which was just across the street. Hehe. Since we were still full from the supernova and yummy lunch, we decided to go for movie first then eat dinner after. We looked at the movie schedule for about 5 minutes. The only movie we haven't watched yet was Kimmy Dora (click for more info). So, yeah, we ended up watching that. Hehehe.

At first, I sat in the movie place feeling so baduy, but then after a while I was laughing along with everyone. Such a good Pinoy comedy movie! The funniest and wittiest Pinoy comedy movie I have watched in ages! Highly recommended by me! Yes, I have a jologs side.

I couldn't get over the movie yet, which resulted to me talking about it the entire time we ate dinner at Racks. Yummy food. Tonsilitis started though..no soda for me. Just water. :)

The next day, I woke up with a really really painful throat and a grumbling tummy. Sadly, I couldn't enjoy the breakfast buffet 'coz every time I swallowed, it just hurt too much. I knew that tonsilitis would result to fever. And I was right. After an hour, I was heating up. Though that didn't stop me from going to the salon and getting a new hair cut and a mani-pedi with Diko. Imagine that!

Diko insisted that we go home already 'coz I was burning when I took that photo. Still, smile for the camera! Well, I ended up being sick the entire time after. I had to go back to the apartment by Monday afternoon, so Diko dropped me off. As we got off the taxi, I rushed to the toilet and puked. Stupid cab driver must've thought we were in a racing competition. Drove too fast and too recklessly.

Chillin' at the apartment :)

I'm still sick as I type this. Hehehe! But it's ok. I just couldn't wait to post this entry anyway. Imma be with Diko next next weekend again! YAY! :D Can't wait!